Find Yourself by Being Lost

Things To Expect!

With over 70 species of birds and over 140 varieties of Flora get enlightened with the Local Biodiversity.

Engage with the local community to pick up their traditional knowledge.

Immerse in the hill agriculture while savoring the Garwhali delicacies assured to give your taste buds a healthy mix of taste and nutrition.


Nearby Attractions:

Pawali-Kantha Trek (the traditional route to Kedarnath via Triyuginarayan)- 30 kms

Rudraprayag Sangam- 45 Kms

Tehri Lake- 50 Kms

Koteshwar Mahadev- 45 Kms

Karthik Swamy- 77 Kms

Deoaria Tal- 84 Kms

Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary- 90 Kms


Volunteer & Contribute...

 Your Stay Helps generate livelihoods for the local community as its entirely managed by the locals.

Pay through your services if you wish not to pay in cash. Do what you are good at and see your efforts materializing into upliftment of the masses. 


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